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Liquid Fertilizer Products

We strive to have the best fertilizers on the market from the adding the finest seaweeds to the vitamins in or mixture. Our manufacturer keeps quality control at the top of the list while producing products.

We at TGI-Fert carry a line of liquid fertilizers for turf and agricultural purposes. Our fertilizers have only high quality NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium or Potash) fertilizer or Macro-nutrients. There are several Micro-nutrients added such as compliments of fish, seaweed, humic acids (soil conditioner), vitamins B-1, B-12, gibberellins, indoles, auxins, regulators and mollasses. 

​Tips for Lawns

-In the Spring it is a good idea for lawns to use a high Nitrogen fertilizer to green and grow grass.. Our 16-4-8 can be used all through the growing season.

-Mid-season you should use a high Phosphorus on lawns for the root health and strengthening of the blade. Our 6-14-6 is good for this time.

-In the Fall is is a good idea to put down a high Potassium fertilizer to strengthen and ready the lawn for Winter. Our 3-18-18 is good for this time.

-An extra greening agent may be necessary on occasion. High iron product like Dark Green or Re-Energize work great.

Tips for Shrubs, Trees and Crops

-​The product you use for your plant life will depend on the type of shrub, tree, fruit or vegetable and the time of year. You can email us from our contact page with what you are trying to fertilize, your zone and how old the plants are and we can make a recommendation.

- The optimal temperature for spraying is 72 degrees fahrenheit. If possible spray under the leaves (this is where the plants absorb nutrients through tiny mouths called stomata. 

Liquid Fertilizer Products

NPK's-10-8-8, 15-0-15,16-4-8,20-4-4, 3-18-18, 6-14-6, 824 Blueberry Special.

Micro-mixes-Blueberry Micro Mix, Dark Green (high iron), F-1 mix (extra micro-nutrients), Micro Boost, Re-Energizer (mix of Dark Green & F-1 great for lawns anytime), Super Fish Emulsion

Mixing Agent

Excel (will help agents go further and when mixing two products will help them bond.)

Sizes Available

Quart, gallon, 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon, 275 gallon, 1000 gallons. Please contact us with questions and orders at our contact page at the top. Let us help you get the right product for your needs.

Plant Polymer

We offer plant polymer called Poly-Gel that when installed can reduce fertilizer and water by 50% and last 5+ years. This product will hold 400 times its own weight in fertilizers and water. This product needs to be installed when planting or before laying sod. Available in 2 lb bags (treats about 400- 500 sq. ft. of sod or  40- 50 2 gallon plants, 5 lb bucket, 10 lb bucket and 50 lb bulk bag. 

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