for all you outdoor needs

                                         Our Services

Tree Service- Tree pruning, canopy lift, tree removal, stump grinding, palm tree pruning & stump grinding

Tractor WorkGrading, hauling, general clean-up, brush removal, log removal and more

Fertilizer Application- We currently offer bi-monthly and quarterly service. We use only the finest liquid and granular fertilizers with lots of micro-nutrients, seaweeds, vitamins, compliments of fish and soil amendments to make your lawn, trees and shrubs healthy and strong.

Lawn Cutting We offer weekly, bi-weekly service. Included in this service is cutting, weed trimming, backpack blowing and bi-weekly edging of all concrete areas. If you sign up for one year of you save 10%.

LandscapingShrub & tree planting, flowers, flower beds, mulch, rubber mulch, decorative stone, landscape fabric, sod, landscape design and more. We take the time to lay out your design and if a plant needs to move 6 inches to the right we move it. We can tell you the best landscaping ideas for your situation.

Pressure Cleaning-​ Driveways, decks, deck sealing, homes, ect. We use the best products for the job so we can reduce the pressure when necessary to prevent damage to your property.

​Brick Pavers & Garden or Retaining Walls-  We do brick paver driveways, walkways, pool enclosures, ect.  Give your house a layered look with a brick, boulder, flagstone or wood retaining or garden wall.

Shrub & Small Tree Pruning- If your property needs a hair cut we can help.

And Much More